12 Coins Hold The Jackpot Cash Infinity

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12 Coins Hold The Jackpot Cash Infinity
12 Coins Hold The Jackpot Cash Infinity
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12 Coins Hold The Jackpot Cash Infinity

12 Coins Slot: Unveiling the Intriguing Mechanics of Wazdan's Gem

Embark on a unique slot experience with 12 Coins, a captivating addition within Wazdan's expansive slot series. This innovative game diverges from traditional gameplay norms by focusing on activating a feature that unlocks all its rewards. Familiar Wazdan mechanics like Cash Infinity™ and Hold the Jackpot enhance the gameplay, promising an enthralling gaming session.

A Distinctive Slot Journey

Discover the 4x3 layout of 12 Coins, a deviation from conventional slots, where the emphasis lies in triggering the Hold the Jackpot bonus. Rather than pursuing regular combinations, your goal is to unveil the bonus game, brimming with promising payouts. With an achievable Grand Jackpot of 750x the stake, this slot may not promise vast riches, but it offers an engaging gameplay experience. Tailor the volatility to your preference, an advantage synonymous with Wazdan's offerings.

Stake Range and Prizes

12 Coins caters to a wide range of players with its versatile betting options, starting from an affordable $0.10 and ascending to an exhilarating $10,000.

While the game may not lead to staggering wealth, the prospect of claiming a 750x Grand Jackpot remains enticing. As you abstain from forming conventional combinations, the primary focus shifts to activating the main feature to reap its benefits. Embrace the liberty to select from low, medium, or high volatility, a hallmark of Wazdan's online slots. A commendable 96.07% RTP underscores the game's fairness and appeal.

Thrilling Game Mechanics

Delve into the world of 12 Coins, where the gameplay defies conventional norms. Engage with the 4x3 grid, where blank spaces intermingle with diverse bonus symbols. Unlock the Hold the Jackpot feature by securing bonus symbols along the middle row (a total of four), propelling the game into an engaging phase.

Experience the dynamism of Cash Infinity™ symbols, which materialize at random and remain sticky until the ensuing bonus game. If these symbols grace the middle row, they bolster the likelihood of feature activation. Throughout the Hold the Jackpot feature, expect these symbols to yield payouts of up to 10x the stake.

Upon triggering Hold the Jackpot, anticipate embarking on three re-spins, with the counter resetting as fresh bonus symbols appear. Accumulate bonus symbols, each offering rewards up to 5x the stake. The gameplay also introduces smaller fixed jackpots, ranging from 10x to 50x, alongside the coveted 750x Grand Jackpot. To trigger the latter, all 12 bonus symbols must adorn the reels.

Look out for collector symbols, amalgamating prizes displayed on the symbols and amplifying them by up to 20x. The inclusion of mystery symbols adds another layer of excitement to the game.

Aesthetic and Design

Bask in the allure of a starlit sky backdrop that exudes a hint of Asian inspiration. The design predominantly revolves around gleaming gold coins, offering a thematic focal point for the game.


Discover Wazdan: Revolutionizing Online Casino Gaming

Experience over a decade of excellence in online casino game development with Wazdan, a seasoned provider in the iGaming industry. With a portfolio boasting more than 130 HTML5 games, including slots, table games, and video poker, Wazdan sets the bar high for quality and innovation.

Unparalleled Features and Innovation

Stand out from the crowd with Wazdan's unique features, such as Volatility LevelsTM, Energy Saving Mode, and the ability to double winnings up to 7 times. Explore gaming in Dual and Big Screen Modes, or opt for Ultra Fast and Ultra Light Modes for an exhilarating experience.

Global Reach and Multilingual Support

Enjoy seamless integration with Wazdan's games, available in a wide range of languages. Diversify your gaming experience with support for various currencies, including cryptocurrencies like BTC.

Customizable Gameplay

Empower players with unique customization options using Wazdan's Special Features, including the innovative Unique Gamble Feature, Energy Saving Mode, Double Screen Mode, and the latest Buy Feature for bonus purchases. Plus, explore the exciting Cash Drop promotional tool.

Embark on an unforgettable gaming journey with Wazdan's top-quality games, guaranteed to elevate your casino's offerings and delight players worldwide.

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