9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition

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9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition
9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition
by Wazdan
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9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition

Explore the Cosmic Wonders with 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the cosmos with 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition, a captivating online slot game from Wazdan. This mesmerizing masterpiece combines the excitement of casino gaming with the allure of celestial wonders, captivating players with its enhanced visual design and captivating cosmic theme. As the sequel to the renowned 9 Coins™ series, this game surpasses its predecessors with a striking portrayal of the cosmic void, where the reel layout seemingly floats amid magical orange-golden particle dust. The ethereal charm of this interface, coupled with the silver coin symbols and pastel palette, creates a refined aesthetic with a touch of mystery. The harmonious blend of ethereal tones in the background music further adds to the sense of intrigue and anticipation, making every spin a celestial delight.

Unveiling the Cosmic Thrill

At 777Crypto.Bet, 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition takes casino gaming to new heights with its revolutionary volatility settings. Unlike most games, players can customize the volatility level to match their preferences and risk tolerance, providing a unique and immersive gaming experience tailored to each individual.

Experience the game's intuitive 3x3 reel layout, boasting nine paylines arranged in a symmetrical grid. This simplicity allows players to effortlessly navigate and spot potential winning combinations. Don't let the compact layout deceive you; this slot offers the chance to win an incredible 2,500x your bet, promising bountiful rewards amidst the cosmos.

With a fair RTP of 96.04%, 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition strikes the perfect balance between volatility, layout, and payout, ensuring an exhilarating and potentially rewarding gaming adventure.

Discover Cosmic Wins with Diverse Betting Options

The betting range in 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition is as vast as the cosmos itself, ranging from a modest $0.1 to an exciting $100. This wide range appeals to players of all types, from cautious beginners to daring high rollers, making it a universally cherished game at 777Crypto.Bet.

Unveil the unconventional paytable, where each reward is tied to unique symbols. The Cash Infinity bonus symbols grant winnings ranging from 5x to 15x, while the Cash money symbols offer smaller yet rewarding payouts of 1x to 10x. The Mini, Minor, and Major jackpot symbols, adorned with silver coins, provide rich rewards of 10x, 20x, and 50x, respectively.

Enchanting Features to Explore

Sticky Cash Infinity Bonus Symbols

Encounter shimmering silver coins with a distinct blue core as Cash Infinity bonus symbols. These magical symbols can appear spontaneously on any reel and remain stuck until the bonus game begins. When gracing the middle reel, they significantly increase the odds of triggering the Hold the Jackpot bonus game. With rewards between 5x and 15x, these bonus symbols add to the excitement of the game.

Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game

Trigger the thrilling Hold the Jackpot bonus game by landing a symbol on all three spots of the center row. This grants you three respins, with each new symbol landed during the bonus round becoming fixed in place. The respins reset to three each time a new symbol appears, continuing until all nine slots are occupied or no respins remain. This feature presents a captivating opportunity to win big amidst the cosmic splendor.

Cash Money Symbols

Pure silver coins manifest as Cash Money symbols on all reels. These valuable symbols gift players with a bet multiplier ranging from 1x to 10x. Claim these rewards at the end of a bonus game or when the Cash Out label appears on the symbol during the base game.

Jackpot Symbols and Jackpot Bonus

Unlock the potential for astronomical wins with four jackpot varieties: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. During the bonus game, land the corresponding silver coin symbols to win the Mini, Minor, and Major jackpots, offering rewards of 10x, 20x, and 50x, respectively. For an exceptional prize of 2,500x, fill all nine slots during the bonus game to claim the coveted Grand jackpot.

Collector Multipliers

The treasure chest-shaped Collector multiplier symbol is a sought-after symbol on the reels. When it appears, it gathers values from Cash Money symbols and Cash Infinity bonus symbols, randomly multiplying them from 1x to 20x, adding even more cosmic riches to your wins.

Mystery Symbols

At the end of the bonus game, mystery symbols come into play. The standard mystery symbol, represented as a wooden window with a lock, transforms into any other symbol except the Cash Infinity bonus symbols. The jackpot mystery symbol, depicted in a blue hue, exclusively morphs into Mini, Minor, and Major jackpot symbols.

Cash Out

In the base game, a Cash Out label may appear on a random slot position, remaining for up to 15 spins. If a symbol lands in the same position when the Cash Out countdown reaches zero, the prize linked to that symbol is awarded.

Chance Level

The innovative Chance Level gamble feature offers four activation levels, from turned off to 2x, 4x, and 6x your total bet. Higher activation levels increase the odds of triggering the Hold the Jackpot bonus game by 2x, 4x, or 6x, respectively. The Chance Level feature adds an element of excitement without impacting the paytable, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Gamble Feature

After a win, you can choose to claim your prize or take a risk with the gamble feature. Correctly guess the color of a card suite, red or black, and you have the chance to double your winnings up to seven consecutive times, adding a thrilling twist to your gameplay.

Volatility Switch

Customize your gaming experience by adjusting the game's volatility on each spin. Opt for low volatility for more frequent, smaller wins, perfect for shorter gaming sessions. Choose medium volatility for a balanced combination of frequency and payout size, ideal for consistent rewards. High volatility carries higher risk but offers the potential for grand rewards, making it suitable for adventurous players.

Feature Buy-in

For those eager for instant action, 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition offers a feature buy-in option. Pay a fee of 50x, 75x, 250x, or 500x to activate the Hold the Jackpot bonus game at low, medium, high, or extreme volatility, respectively, on any spin. Embrace a seamless and immediate gaming experience, taking you straight to cosmic wins without delay.

Embark on this cosmic adventure at 777Crypto.Bet and indulge in the captivating wonders of 9 Coins™ Grand Platinum Edition.


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Embark on an unforgettable gaming journey with Wazdan's top-quality games, guaranteed to elevate your casino's offerings and delight players worldwide.

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